Hello! My name is Sara.

I live in the beautiful Finger Lakes area in Upstate New York with a supportive and loving husband and two loving fur-boys, Chester, a Golden Retriever (1 1/2 years old), and Buck, a black Labrador Retriever (1 1/2 years old).

I know. What was I thinking? They keep me on my toes every time they go out the house to play in our 200 acres pice of heaven. My husband is working on our dog fence, which it will keep my fur-boys close to the house, but it is big enough for them to run around.

My goal with this blog is to share some ideas about craft, probably some nature loving pictures, my life with pets, some healthy tips, traveling tips and reviews and more. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, ask questions and share my page with your friends.

Thank you for being here and for joining me and my family in this new adventure!




For any comments or questions you may have, please contact Sara Schrader at sara.marina6@yahoo.com