Chester’s First Week Home

It was the first week of September, Labor Day to be exact, when we received a call from a lady Adam was talking to about her litter. She lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Adam came across this woman’s information by checking online for Golden Retriever puppies. This decision was made before we came across our fur-baby Buck’s family… No! we weren’t looking for two puppies! It just happened to be that way for us.

To be fair, we received the call from this lady just after we already had Buck and his vet documents with us on our way home. Adam looked back at me and begged me to say yes! I, honestly, wasn’t sure about having two puppies until we pick Chester up from Harrisburg, PA. Let’s just say that I wasn’t sure about him after he snapped at Buck right after the first encounter. Poor Buck! he jumped back and run away from everyone. Luckily, the met at a huge parking lot so, there was no way! Buck would have escaped. However, Buck became a bit anxious and fearful of Chester but, mostly, because I was carrying Chester and he thought I wasn’t paying attention to him. I mean, Chester was a ball of fur and he looked like a teddy bear!

I have to admit that my boys are handsome and smart boys!!

What about you? Do you have dogs or any other pets?

Share a picture with us in the comment below.

Thank you for reading!

Sara S.

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