Buck’s First Week Home

On a beautiful Monday morning in September 2016, Adam and I were preparing our house to have our family over to celebrate Labor Day. It was a sunny and breezy day and his family were coming to the house one by one. Suddenly, I noticed Adam was carrying a beautiful chocolate Labrador and I could not help but to take the dog from his arms. We had lost our beloved Golden Retriever named Mr. Tank a couple of months ago and every morning, after that day at the vet, was difficult for us.

That’s when someone mentioned that there was a neighbor that had a litter by mistake and that they were giving the puppies away. In fact, the chocolate Labrador named Skeeter was one of the puppies from that litter. Adam and I became interested in visiting the neighbor and look for a puppy. When we stop by the neighbor’s house there was only two puppies left out of the whole litter. They offered me to take the female black Labrador, however, my attention was drawn to the male black Labrador that was under a bench in the middle of the backyard. All by himself, in a way, he reminded me of myself.

Once we took him with us, from that day on, I was in love with my boy whom we name Buck, in honor of another pooch that Adam had when he was a child. Adam said his pooch was the smartest, most loyal and lovable dog that would never leave his side. Well, so far Buck has shown to be the best dog for us, but he always follows Adam wherever he goes.

Look at his puppy face!! How can you not fall in love with this beauty?!! 

8 weeks old picture.

1 1/2 year old pictures.

I can’t believe they grow up so fast. Look at the difference between 8 weeks old and 1 1/2 years old in these pictures.

Buck’s past time is to chase birds, play with his brother from another mother – literally – Chester (I talk about him in this other post), and fetch balls or any other toy he finds such as wood branches and bones or chew on them. He also loves running and wandering around our property.

Do you have pets? | How old are they? | What do they love to do? | What are they best at? | Do you have a picture of them?

Share with me in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

Sara S.

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