Fuchsia Plants and Baby Birds…Another Day at the Farm!

A while ago, my mom and I went to a local farmers’ market (Trumansburg, NY) and bought a couple of Fuchsias that my mom fell in love with. I got to say it! I was relieved and happy that they had two exact same hanging plants for sale. After all, who would buy non-matching hanging plants to display on their porch?! Well, if you haven’t figure it out, yet, I like for things to match and to have symmetry, though, I get sometimes carried away with it. Anyway, the farmers market is on Wednesdays it goes from June to October from 4pm to 7pm.

Probably a couple of weeks after we bought the plants, we noticed that a bird had been visiting the plant too often. So, I decided to take a quick peek to confirm my suspicion…and there it was! a nest with 4 baby birds. After confirming that the hanging plant had converted into a home for that beautiful bird and its babies, I mentioned it to my mom and husband so they don’t bother them by watering the plants.

We definitely have more nests in other parts of our farm but, the most joyful noise in the mornings and at sunset are the ones coming from the hanging plants in our front and back porches…

…And just like that, this is just another day at the farm!

How about you? Do you have birds near your home that make waking up in the mornings more bearable, especially Mondays?

If so, please share it with us in the comments below.

Thank you.

Sara S.

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