Christmas Day 2017

Every Christmas since 2010, Adam and I found ourselves driving to pick up Super (Krysta) and Duper (Kaila) to visit his mom and grandma in Pennsylvania and my sister and mom in New Jersey. After Christmas 2015, which is also the year we got married, we decided to stay home for the festive days and enjoy being just the two of us. By this time, the girls decided that it was best for them to spent time away from their father, decision that was supported by their mom.

Though we spent quality time together with my husband at our “blue” house, it just wasn’t the same without the girls. The house also didn’t feel homey but we didn’t know it until we moved to our “forever” HOME (notice I capitalize the word home because it does feel like it). Still, it is not the same without one of the girls but this time Duper (Kaila) is with us.

My mom is also living with us so I believe this was one of the best Christmas I have. I do miss my sister and my brothers and their families but distance is our worst enemy. This cold Christmas day I spent the morning with hubby, my mom and my boys (Buck and Chester) in the woods behind our farmhouse. It was cold but memorable and I took some pictures of my mom and boys like the one below. I hope you enjoyed yours like we did.

Share with me in the comments how was your Christmas Day!


Sara Schrader

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